"Luna", Acrylic, done from videos
Hermione, Acrylic: placing an order from Chewy
"Hermione", Acrylic, done from stories that the dog in her home steals her toys
Blue, 28 x 28 mixed media
"Blue with her red ball", a large acrylic with mixed media
Hendrix: Clean Every Toe. Acrylic
"Hendrix, Clean Every Toe" Acrylic, one of three I did chronicling Hendrix' self-cleaning routine
Gracie, acrylic
"Gracie", Acrylic, and done from what may be the sweetest dog to ever grace this earth.
Getting to Know You: Brian and Sweet pea, Acrylic and collage
Winston. acrylic
Philly Free Library commission
Philadelphia Free Library, wedding commission
stone Harbor pier 9
Stone Harbor NJ Pier, wedding commission
Glenmere, NY wedding commission