"Deep Dive" Acrylic and metallic paint, part of an "Ocean Life" series
Deep Water Explorer
"Deep Water Explorer" Acrylic, part of an "Ocean Life" series
"Dordogne Valley Plein Air" Watercolor, done onsite in the Dordogne area of France
Dordogne Villa, watercolor and gouache plein air
"Dordogne Villa Plein Air" Waterolor and gouache, done onside in the Dordogne area of France
"Provence Poppies Plein Air" Watercolor and gouache, done in the Provence area of France
St Catherines, Nova Scotia; Plein Air Watercolor and gouache
"The View at St. Catherines, Nova Scotia" Plein air, watercolor done in Nova Scotia
"The Clearing" Acrylic and collage, inspired by my time at Valley Forge
"The Road to Dubrovnik" Acrylic, done from my photos and memories of driving from Sibenik to Dubrovnik