UkeBearly is three ft high, in board shorts and wears a hawaiian shirt. He has his own little Ukelele.
UkeBearly is now enjoying a sunny spot on a back patio in Colorado with a Maui enthusiast.
Big Bauer the Builder Bear is over 5 ft tall including his hard hat, and on the wood deck built by Bruce Bauer Lumber he topped six feet tall. His shirt is made using house plans, and he wears jeans and has an authentic tool belt also donated by Bruce Bauer and altered to fit his 52 inch waist.
Little Cupcake is the world's sweetest bear! He carries his own giant cupcake, and wears a little cupcake on his head like a jaunty cap. his chef's jacket is covered with images of different kinds and flavors of cupcakes, and he carries a small spatula. The red scarf and striped pants finish out his sous-chef look.